Transforming Stress into a Lifestyle of Success!®

Certified Life Coach, Consultant and International Best Selling Author

Dr. Toscha Dickerson

My purpose is to provide management consulting and coaching to help organizations improve performance, efficiency, and sustain their business.

Transferring STRESS into a Lifestyle of Success®

Transforming your perspective by teaching you how to control stress and how to avoid it taking control of you! 

It is a step by step process to follow at your own pace and the benefits guaranteed are clarity, relief, and direction in your life. 
Let’s define STRESS as we see it from the program:
S– Survey what is the issue and if any, what needs to change
T– Transform negative thinking and beliefs into positivity
R- Reevaluate the issue to gain understanding
E– Execute a plan
S- Strengthen your ability to accept change and to forgive
S- Support your goals and future endeavors


The Best Life Altering Book Ever!

Dr. Toscha speaks to the heart and mind. This 14 day journey takes you through all emotions and helps you gain the knowledge and confidence to move forward and be your best you! This book is a must read and will transform many lives.
Stasha Scruggs

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