Transforming Stress into a Lifestyle of Success!

Certified Life Coach and Hypnotherapist

Dr. Toscha Dickerson

I inspire women to decompress from their jobs, relationships, and family to cope with transitions, so they can reduce stress, eliminate fear, and uncertainty to live an empowered life.


Founder of
non-profit organization
Founding Board Member of
Reve's Preparatory
Charter School

Featured in
Beautifully Said Magazine
Featured in
Glambitious Magazine
Featured on Synergy Radio
Featured on GMT Radio

Professional Skills

Certified Professional Life Coach
Certified NLP Practitioner
Time Line Therapy
Certified Re-entry Coach
Doctorate in
Business Administration

Coaching Skills

In your coaching session, we will focus on what is most important to “YOU”!

The FEATURES of our Coaching Session include:

Vision Building,
Goal Setting, Action Planning, Timelines, Block ID & Removal, Stress Management ,Transition Techniques, Life Skills Techniques

The BENEFITS of our
Coaching Session include:

Clear and Concise Thinking, Empowered and Purposeful Living, Reduced Stress, Eliminated Fear, Work/life Balance, Relaxed
State of Mind

A brief introduction to Dr. Toscha


The Best Life Altering Book Ever!

Dr. Toscha speaks to the heart and mind. This 14 day journey takes you through all emotions and helps you gain the knowledge and confidence to move forward and be your best you! This book is a must read and will transform many lives.
Stasha Scruggs


Business Coaching

Relationship Coaching

Life Coaching

Career Coaching

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Dr. Toscha in the Community

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